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Supporting connected people, places, and things

Technology is everywhere. Brightstone syncs it up for you. 

Technology is on our walls and desks, in our cars and pockets. We own it, use it, even wear it. People and professional teams collaborate across cities and oceans from phones, tablets and laptops. Businesses of all sizes invest in technology as much as they invest in talent. Brightstone helps improve the connections that spur collaboration with real-time, actionable technology support for businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals.  

See into the heart of your technology. Starting now.


brightstone Is

A team of expert technologists based in Portland, Oregon. Founded in 1990, we solve challenges for clients around the world, including urgent hardware and software support, technology planning, systems architecture and much more.


the new nature of business

Simplicity. Transparency. Trust.

Technology promises to simplify the way people do business, not complicate things. Yet with so many points of contact and critical connections, even something as common as a wireless printer in a small design office can cause nagging headaches and unfortunate bumps in your flow. We make sure you continue to move forward along the steady path. 



From improving online collaboration, to syncing mobile and office devices, technology should support your success. We work from this philosophy as we guide you through challenges, help you meet critical needs, and empower your decisions.

One of the best parts of working with Brightstone is that they’re extremely pleasant. They never talk down to you, or make you feel like your challenges don’t matter, which is a huge difference compared with other tech vendors we’ve had.

how YOU work and live today and tomorrow

Creating and maintaining connections.

When we started in the early '90s, only enterprise-level businesses had the tools to track complex pathways. Today, it's a much different story. New tools make it easier than ever for organizations of all shapes and sizes to redefine the nature of business. Your talent isn't just down the hall. It can be across town or around the globe. 

Brightstone makes sure the cloud and mobile connections you need are constant and current. We monitor, maintain and manage across platforms, offices and locations. We came of age as Apple experts, and today work with all systems so you can connect and integrate the tools you use, no matter how you use them. 

What about tomorrow's story? Our work is also about helping you anticipate, plan, and launch the updates you need for your network, software, security and more. 


We manage your tech list 

Managed cloud services
Data safety and recovery
Remote monitoring
Help desk
Backup solutions
iPhone, iPad, and
Apple Watch support
Hardware support
Server installation
Mobile workflow optimization
Build-out and office move support
Network safety and security

I learn something new every time we have a meeting with Brightstone. They solve my problems quickly and efficiently. No drama. No waiting. It’s simply done and done right.

the solution is closer than you think

See your way through technology challenges. 

When you strip away the names of tech devices, applications and solutions, nearly every challenge comes down to one question: 

Why can't I get what I want done? 

Just because technology can be frustrating doesn't mean it has to be. Over the course of nearly 30 years, we've developed a suite of services designed to minimize frustration, and eventually do away with it.   

Business is always changing.

Brightstone stays flexible to match this reality. That's how we help you stay ahead of your technology needs. 

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Get the most from your machines, work stations, network solutions and more over the long run. 


Get the most out of your technology budget with a strong plan for upgrades and business needs. 


Whether you need us inside your machines or in your office, we're a phone call or help desk ticket away.

business optimization

Put technology to work for you in a way that supports your business and your clients. 


Protect yourself from threats, loss of data, workflow interruption and more.