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Three tiers of InSite.

People count on devices every day to connect, create, share thoughts, add to a never-ending scroll of photos, and make our mark in the world. But what happens when devices slow down, data disappears, and the screens we rely on go dark?

Imagine knowing something’s wrong before it’s wrong. That’s just the beginning of what InSite is all about.

InSite enhances your relationship with technology. This three-tier service starts by providing a deeper view into how well your devices are working. Then it builds to greater, faster levels of support and tech-care.

InSite is Brightstone’s way of helping you get more out of your networked devices.

With InSite, Brightstone can:

  • Scan devices to make sure everything’s working smoothly (and spot issues that might be lurking).

  • Respond remotely to tech issues when they happen (and prevent even bigger problems).

  • Manage your tech needs proactively (and provide new levels of convenience when it comes to your technology).



InSite Scan

a light-touch, no-cost way to get to the bottom of: “There’s something’s wrong with my device but I don’t know what.”

  • InSite Scan is a health check for your networked devices. It helps you see where things are running optimally, and uncovers issues before they become problems.

  • Quick and effective check of your system includes plugin results, disc errors, malware tests and more.

  • A report alerts us if something is wrong. Then we alert you, and plan next steps together.

  • The secure scan makes it easier to work with Brightstone in the future in case you have a tech issue or need.



InSite Response


InSite Response lets our techs see and solve challenges remotely, so you can get back to using and enjoying your technology.

InSite Response puts our team inside your devices remotely. We’re able to jump into any tech situation and work with exactly what you see on your screen. Whether you want to guide us through error messages, or just sit back while we get to the bottom of issues, InSite Response leads to solutions.

  • Protect your tech assets.

  • Maximize the health of your devices with remote, on-call support.

  • Minimize issues related to viruses or sudden loss of critical data.



InSite Manager


turns Brightstone into your all-in-one tech team.

With InSite Manager, Brightstone becomes your remote IT department. We provide ongoing support to manage everything—from routine updates, to major installs, to urgent, middle-of-the-night issues that can’t wait.

  • We quietly manage your networked devices from behind the scenes.

  • Includes fixes, maintenance, and software updates that align with your tech plan and budget.

  • We work with you to address immediate and long-term tech goals, whether you’re scaling your business, or updating technology in your home.


maximize the promise technology

InSite is built around making smart tech decisions.

When you make InSite part of your technology plans, you keep connections moving, collaborations flowing, and play at the heart of how you create. 

  • Anticipate network issues before they slow you down.

  • Get more life out of mid-life machines.

  • Upgrade ahead of schedule and within your tech budget. 

  • Improve security and connectivity.   

  • Enhance device-to-device interaction.

Create and connect without compromise

What level of InSite can we provide for your businesses, organization, or personal needs?

Gain a broad view and deeper look into the technology you count on every day. Solve issues related to security, storage, connections, and loss of data. And get more from your devices.


See what’s here and what’s next

What else is InSite?

  • Timely. InSite helps you manage your technology, devices, connection, security and more (without the management).

  • Customizable. We build and manage InSite according to your actual needs.

  • Secure. The solution provides us with a look at the vitals of your machines, not the data. What you're working on or looking at is your business. Our business is making sure your systems are supporting you.

Brightstone is a tech manager’s best friend. We may know what our end-goal looks like, but Brightstone helps us get there.
— Sam F., Director of Operations, Context Partners