SEE into the heart of your technology

That's InSite.

Every day we count on our devices to connect with family members, collaborate with business partners, delve into media, and enjoy the larger world. But what happens when our connections slow down, our data disappears, or the thing we've come to rely on suddenly stops working? 

Imagine knowing something's wrong before it's wrong.  

InSite from Brightstone helps you see what's going on with your machines and devices, and alerts you ahead of time. 

  • It examines the vitals of your machines and devices, but not the data.
  • When the vitals suggest something's not right, InSite lets us know.
  • We report to you, and help you make informed decisions about your technology.

InSite can warn you of a failing hard drive, reveal a bottleneck in your workflow, alert you to wasted resources, maximize efficiency in heavily trafficked networks.

No matter what's happening, InSite helps take the guesswork out of the equation.